What is prevention of cancer

What is prevention of cancer

Adenoma is a type of benign cancer that does not cause much harm to the human body. Still, when this benign cancer does cause damage, it can be treated, and measures can be taken to prevent it. It is essential to avoid it beforehand. A man should try to avoid cancer by taking the necessary steps. Edema can be prevented by reducing smoking.

* Regular exercise can prevent edema.

Eating a healthy diet can prevent edema. Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables can also prevent edema.

Edema can be avoided by reducing alcohol intake.

Chondroma is also a type of tumor. It originates in the cartilaginous bone or elastic tissues. It occurs mainly in small bones. It is found in the bones of the hands and feet. Chondroma also occurs in the upper arm bone. Sometimes, it also occurs in the ribs.

2:Signs of cancer prevention?

Generally, the symptoms of drama do not appear on Monday, but sometimes, some of its symptoms begin to appear.

3:Types of cancer.

There are two types of cancer
1: B9 Tumors: Cells in B9 tumors are mostly non-cancerous
B-nine tumors do not invade the surrounding cells and remain in the part of the body where they originate. Benign tumors do not increase. Benign tumors are usually not treated because they do not contain cancer cells. Still, sometimes treatment may be needed because they can cause serious health problems. Sometimes, a B-nines tumor is dangerous when the normal cells divide excessively to form a cancer of cells, and uncontrollable cell divisions can be life-threatening when the B-nines tumors become life-threatening. If so, it is surgically removed from the body.

4:Malignant tumor.?

When cancer cells divide excessively, they form a tumor, which is called a malignant tumor. Malignant tumors spread from one part of the body to another.
And they need treatment. Changes in cell morphology characterize malignant tumors. In this, the cells lose their standard shape. Usually, normal cells have a lifespan of 30 days. Still, when cells divide uncontrollably, they do not die but begin to accumulate. Take the form of a messenger. Malignant tumors also cause many diseases in the human body when others are affected and interfere with the blood supply. Sometimes, the blood transports the cells away from the original site. And on other parts of the body, they gave rise to dangerous diseases such as cancer. According to W.H.O.W.H.O., the rate of cancer was meager in the past, but nowadays, the rate of cancer has increased a lot. Most of the deaths worldwide are due to cancer. In the past, cancer treatment was impossible. But nowadays, the treatment of this disease has become possible. Cancer is being treated with the help of modern technology, and precious lives are being saved.
Diseases like cancer can be avoided by improving your diet. Smoking is the leading cause of cancer. Smokings cause fifty percent of cancers. Apart from this, drinking alcohol is also the leading cause of cancer. Drinking alcohol makes a person’s life even dirtier than a poor person. Due to alcohol, a person can get cancer. Due to alcohol, we have a physical weakness. Because of this, a person’s risk of getting cancer increases. Because weakness leads a person to a disease like cancer, alcohol is something that makes every part of a person irritable. Due to which The internal organs of a person become weak, due to which a person suffers from a disease like cancer.

5: X-ray:

X-ray is used to examine the internal structure of the bones. These chondromas appear as small dark spots on top of bones. Sometimes, ring-shaped white spots are seen. These spots are called cartilage chondromas.
Computed tomography: They are entirely examined through C.T. and M.R.I. And then they are taken further. Tumors are detected in bones and cartilage by C.T. and M.R.I.

Bone scan:
In a bone scan, the doctor examines the tumour by passing radiation through a vein/tube in the patient’s body. How much of the tumour is in the patient’s body. This is checked to detect cancer. Find out how much cancer has spread in the human body.


If these chondromas do not cause pain in the body, treatment is not necessary.

A chondroma is treated with X-rays and other tests. These chondromas are sometimes treated with surgery.






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