What is heart cancer

 What is heart cancer

Cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases. Cancer is usually caused by certain substances affecting some parts of our body. In which the heart, brain, mouth, breast,
This includes ovarian cancer. The substances in these parts are called Ucar Sanjan. This pollution means air pollution when it goes into the atmosphere; it goes into the atmosphere that we breathe; it goes inside us through breathing. And it harms our internal organs.

Cancer that occurs when cells become out of control. So, they spread to other parts of the body. A change in DNA causes the sensation. Most cancer-causing DNA changes occur in specific parts of the body called genes. These changes are also called genetic changes.

Heart of cancer:

Heart of cancer

When heart cancer occurs, shortness of breath fai, noting and many other diseases appear as symptoms. Cancer can spread the heart, i.e. the cancer origination in the heart. For example, during radiation exposured, it is likely to apply the heart from another part. Heart cancer is the most challenging type of cancer. However, it is easy to detect because it shows non-specific symptoms.

How common is heart cancer?

The primary cardiac tumour is a heart tumour that arises within the heart. It is high. It affects between 10.3 and 10.001 of the general population. Only 10% are primary cardiac cancers.

Almost secondary cardiac tumours with cardiac metastases. There are heart numbers that arise in cancer and suspicions. These heart tumours are often cancerous. And affected 10.4% of the general population. People with current diagnosis of cancer have a 12 percented chances of developing heart cancer. Secondary cardiac tumours are 20-40 times more common than primary ones. Heart tumours sometimes interfere with heart function. In some cases, they lead to a different sign.

 Symptoms of heart cancer:

 Symptoms of heart cancer

Chest pain in breathing is due to heart cancer. Anemia is felt. And the body feels weightless. When a person has heart cancer, a person has a cough, fever, joint pain, and muscle pain.

This is also life. These noncancerous heart tumours can also cause these symptoms. Symptoms of heart cancer are non-specific 20. People age 50 and olders are more likely to develop heart cancer. It is more commons in women than in men. Hearted cancer is more common in womens. White people are more likely to developed heart cancer than people of other ethnic groups. Secondary carcinomas are always caused by cancer.

Which affects the following parts of the body. However, some cancers are more likely to spread to the heart than double cancer. These include heart cancer.

 How does heart cancer spread

There are many types of cancer. It can spread to the heart. Many times, an adjacent tumour grows into the heart. In other cases, a lack of blood circulates cancer cells to the core. Heart cancer is caused by heart tumours such as angiosarcoma or other cancers. Which spreads in the heart. This expensive cancer causes inadequate heart function and orphanhood. Cancer spreads to the heart from different body parts or the blood. Chemotherapy, chemotherapy, and surgery can destroy heart tumours and reduce these symptoms.

Heart cancer develops at this time. Love gets out of control in or near our hearts. These cells form a tumour. Cancer that starts in the heart is primarily heart cancer. This form of heart cancer is sporadic. Heart cancer usually occurs at this time. When cancer cells grow in a part of the body from cancer to the heart. For example, lung cancer spreads to the core. Cancer that applies to the heart is metastatic.

 Why heart cancer is so rare:

 Why heart cancer is so rare

The heart is made up of paired parts and muscle cells. The ones that don’t come quickly make it so hard to resist becoming. Cells of the better proliferate in reduced tissue. And those who turn more gently. Such mutations carry a high risk of replication errors. Which leads to cancer. It may also be from epithelial tissue. For this reason, most of the breasts and organs, such as the colon, are affected. The bubble does not consist of lungs and skin.

 Who can get heart cancer?

Anyone can get hearted cancer; this disease is more commons in people between 30 and 50 years of aged. But men are more likely to have no hearted than women. People who use drugs. That is, they drink Tama. They are at higher risk of getting AIDS.

 The bed of the heart is taken?

Angiosarcoma is a valuable type of risk. Malignant cancers Soft or tissue tumours account for 1 in 10 primary heart cancers. The causes of angioedema is not known. Some toxic substance play a roled in it. High rates of head cancer tumours can also occur in the heart and pulmonary arteries.

Secondary heart cancer is 3 or 40 times larger than the cancer originating in the heart. Mitotic cancer can spread to the natural part of the body. For example, lung, skin and kidney cancer can also apply to kidney cancer. Which is born in the chest. It can also spread through the blood and the digestive system.






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