It is cancer

What It is cancer

This cancer is a basic unit of the body formed in the body. After dividing in our body, this disease starts to spread in our body. Due to this, cells are formed inside the blood in the body. When these cells became old. Because of this, these old cells start to die. When these old cells died, they were replaced by new ones.
When the genetic changes in our body invade the body, then the cancer starts in our body. When the cells in the body became.

Uncontrolled, they can form a mass, and thus, the Cells formed from cancer are called tumors or benign because cancer tumors are malignant. When it spreads in the body, it spreads to other parts of the body. If it does, it can grow but can’t spread throughout the body. Sometimes, cancer is not a tumor, but some Leukaemia and it has more types of lymphomas.
Doctors divide the types of cancer from where they start, and there are four types.



Carsomas it starts with the tissue in the skin, which covers the inner part of the body and the glandular area of ​​the body. This cancer usually forms when there are large tumors in the body. Because tumors are the best type of cancer, examples of which include breast, Lung, and Prostate cancer.

3: Sarcomas

Sarcomas it starts at the times that it connects and supports our body. It can develop in the blood vessels in the human body as well as muscles, joints, and bones.

4. Lymphomas of Cancer

This is a cancer that starts in the lymphatic system, a gland-like function in the body that helps fight infections in the body. While there are only two main types of lymphomas, Hodgkin lymphoma and non-Hodgkin lymphoma

5: The spread of cancer in the body

When a cancer tumor in the body begins to grow, the cancer spreads to other parts of the body. The cancer travels to other parts of the body through the lymph system or bloodstream to carry the cancer cells. If the cells start to grow, new tumors can also form in our body during this process, which is known as stasis.

Cancer spreads from the site of spread in our body to the lymph nodes. These are bean-shaped lumps that help fight. These clusters are found in different parts of the body, such as the arms and legs. Beneath the neck, these bean-shaped nodes are found inside their breasts.

It can be spread through the blood in all parts of the body. It spreads to the parts which are important parts of the body. Which can happen in our Lungs, Liver, Brain, and bones. This cancer can be spread to the parts of us which are called its area.
This cancer, for example, in the parts of our body, i.e., the Lunges and the head in the breast, is called static breast cancer.

6: Diagnosis of cancer in the body

Diagnosis of cancer in the body

Cancer diagnosis begins when a person goes to the doctor about an unusual symptom. The doctor will ask the patient about his or her clinical symptoms to know the disease and then identify the disease.
After knowing it, he will examine it and then do another test. Sometimes, for many people who are suffering from cancer, the disease of these people is never apparent. To know the cancer disease in such people.
This problem is solved during many medical tests to find out the solution of this problem.
Sometimes, a healthy person is diagnosed with cancer when the doctor does a screening test on the person. It is very difficult to detect this disease in a healthy person’s body before doing the test.

A healthy person’s body does not detect this disease, whether they have cancer or not. So, the doctor continues to treat him by thinking of some other disease in his body. Due to this, he does not feel any difference in this person, so the doctor sends him to a good doctor, while he is a good and great doctor. If there is, he takes a screening test. If there is not a single test in the human body that can detect cancer, That doctor may do a physical examination of you only after asking for a medical history of your family. He will do Lab tests and Imaging Tests of your Body. Then, your body will order other tests or another test or another method to use. Then, you may need a biopsy test. Diese is the only way to know if the cancer is present. That helps to detect cancer. To learn more about this, see PDQ’s Treatment for Cancer Treatment.






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