How does cancer occur

Cancer occurs in the human body when the internal organs of a person become weak because when the internal organs of a person are weak, diseases start to spread in the body. At that time, their internal organs are weak because, when they smoke, their internal organs are weakened due to excessive use of things like smoking and drugs.
Values are so weak that these organs become injured. Therefore, they lead the life of a person to dangerous diseases; therefore, cancer begins to develop.

 What causes cancer?

Cancer is caused when a person’s body has lesions on their lungs due to smoking, which causes pus in these lesions, and because those lesions continue to grow day by day. Because of this, those growing wounds put a person’s life in very great danger. That ends a person’s life. Meanwhile, on the wound, there are cancer cells. So they slowly started attacking them. Because of this those cancer cells form their tumors. In such a way that cancer slowly starts to grow in his body. So it happens that the cancer disease in a person’s body increases day by day, and no one knows why this disease is happening. This disease continues to affect people day by day. The knowledge of this cancer disease seems late. At that time, the disease had affected the person very much.

 What are the conditions of a person affected by cancer?

A person suffering from a disease like cancer is forbidden to live. This person would neither be aware of the world nor the world because of which the life of a person suffering from cancer disease is greatly affected. Due to this, it is forbidden to live. Due to this late detection, the cancer disease had covered the whole body of this person at that time. Is. Due to this, it becomes impossible to treat it. This disease reduces the blood volume in the human body. This cancer drinks the blood of a human being. The reason for this is that the human body becomes weaker day by day. Because this disease affects the life of a human being. It affects so much that a person is not able to live.

How does alcohol cause cancer?

Another major cause of cancer is that drinking alcohol also causes cancer. This disease is also dangerous for human life because, because of it, cancer can occur in humans. This disease can affect a human being. A person who drinks alcohol has very bad effects on his life, the amount of alcohol is so acidic that it burns the internal organs of the human body like fire. People get sores in the respiratory tract or a person gets sores in the throat. Because of this, when you want to drink alcohol, there is burning in the body, and then there is a lack of blood in the human body. Because the blood in the human body becomes very weak and light due to the burning of blood, Thus, in the human body, blood becomes black.

 How does alcohol cause respiratory tract cancer?

If a person drinks alcohol, it causes loss of blood in the body. Therefore, drinking alcohol has a lot of effects on the human body. Because as soon as a person drinks alcohol, the alcohol enters the body first into the person’s respiratory tract. So it does a lot of damage. Alcohol first affects a person’s respiratory tract. After that, it goes to the lower parts and therefore has a very strong effect on the respiratory tract first. As a result, there are an increasing number of respiratory tract injuries, prompting players to attack. Due to this, when those cells attack, during that time those cells in them form cancerous tumors. Due to this cancer starts in the respiratory tract.

Human health is also very bad. Due to this, he is always surrounded by diseases that have a very bad effect. Alcohol is such a poison that when a person consumes it, his physical condition starts to deteriorate, and that person moves toward a major disease. Whatever comes to his mind at that moment remains the same thing all the time. In this way, drinking alcohol kills the mental and brain cells of a person. Due to this a person can become crazy and suffer from mental illness. In this way, drinking alcohol causes many diseases in the human body. One of these diseases can be cancer. As alcohol enters our body, it has a very deep effect on the human lungs. Because as soon as the alcohol or cigarette smoke enters the human body, it causes small wounds on the lungs. she lives.
Then, due to these injuries, abscesses are formed in the lungs, which are filled with pus. Due to this, they start to rot. So, due to the occurrence of such a process, a very dangerous disease that we have known about for years is cancer. Due to this cancer disease ends the life of a person. Due to which death can also occur. Because it is such a dangerous disease that keeps hollowing out the human body from the inside. This cancer disease also affects the physical balance and strength of a person. Cancer is a platform that makes a person very vulnerable. More weak, and it affects the body more.

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