Breast cancer

Breast cancer has become a common problem in the world today, which has ruined the whole system of life of all women around the world. Breast cancer can be of different types, some of which affect only one part of the body but remain localized. Breast cancer sometimes occurs in any part of the body. So it does not affect any other tissues. In addition, breast cancer tissue is transmitted to children through the mammary gland. These cancer cells can be passed on to the baby.
Breast cancer sometimes occurs in men. It is more common in women. It takes place in cancer institutes in Italy. According to the Italian Cancer Institute, the cancer rate in men is 0.5%.
The primary cause of breast cancer is hormonal changes. Sometimes, changes in the progesterone hormones can cause breast cancer.

Breast cancer is an incurable cancer. Assuming it is treated in time. So this is why it is said that if any of these symptoms appear, consult the doctors immediately. If this cancer has reached the early stage, it will be impossible to treat. However, treating it and saving the person becomes impossible if it enters from the initial stage to the final stage. It is essential to treat it on time.
Breast cancer is also diagnosed with an ultrasound biopsy. If breast cancer is in its late stages, the patient’s chances of having a child are meagre. Therefore, if any symptoms appear in a woman, consult her doctor immediately. This disease is caused by retestella.
Vitamins can be a significant cause of breast cancer if taken in excess.

 Symptoms of breast cancer 

Breast cancer tends to grow larger than usual. The skin starts to swell.
• And start to demel.
. Excessive new cells begin to appear.
. Breast cancer skin starts to turn red.
. Many other diseases are diagnosed in breast cancer patients.
. If the skin colour of an average person becomes red, the appearance of the breast also changes.

Causes of breast cancer

Breast cancer is a common disease worldwide. There have been many cases of this in the world. No cause has been found in the world which has been found in women. Sometimes, breast cancer is caused by an excess of hormones in the breast.

According to the Institute of Health, breast cancer is caused by DNA changes in the tissue. Changes in DNA cause cells to grow more than normal. And cause cancer. If someone in the family has cancer, their children are more likely to develop breast cancer.

If menarche starts at 120 years or more or less, the chances of breast cancer are high.

If menopause begins after the age of 55 in women, the chance of breast cancer increases.

Women having children after the age of 30 is also a major cause of breast cancer.

. Acidity is also a major cause of breast cancer.

. Increased exposure to radiation also causes breast cancer.

There is a big reason.

 Breast Cancer Prevention

Breast cancer can be prevented by using various preventive measures. In a week, you should exercise every day. Exercise reduces the chances of cancer. Losing weight reduces the chances of breast cancer. If you are overweight, the chances of cancer are higher.

Sometimes, when a woman consumes more than necessary drugs, they prove to be harmful to her health and cause cancer. Therefore, a woman should consult her doctor before taking any vitamins for breast cancer.

 One is to remove the ovary through surgery. And second, breast cancer tumours are removed through surgery.

Breast Cancer Diagnosed and Treatment

Genetic Tests:

Treatment: Surgery is the primary treatment for breast cancer, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, and hormone therapy. Targeted therapy.

Disadvantages of breast cancer treatment

A breast cancer patient may have many side effects if they undergo any therapy. The body would start to ache. Sometimes, nausea starts with vomiting.

Constipation and diarrhoea also start. Is. All types of surgery have significant risks. Bleeding begins on the part of the body that has undergone surgery.

Sometimes, not all surgeries are proven harmful, such as radiation or radiotherapy, where radiation is directed at the affected part of the body. And harmful cells are eliminated from such therapy. There is no harm






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